Hanson sells out battlers...again.

Hanson sells out battlers...again. Main Image

Senator Hanson has once again shown her true colours as an offshoot of the LNP, by siding with the Government to sell out pensioners.


Today Labor moved a motion condemning the Government’s recently introduced Omnibus Bill, which includes cuts to pensions. It was an opportunity for Senator Hanson to back up her claims of standing up for battlers and pensioners.


Instead, she voted to support the LNP’s cruel cuts, kicking battlers in the guts


If these cuts to welfare pass, it will mean:


  • Cuts to the pensions of certain migrant pensioners
  • Cuts to the Pensioner Education Supplement
  • Cuts to the Education Entry Payment
  • Cuts to the Energy Supplement


Senator Hanson swears she’s standing up for pensioners, but how will cutting any of these things help the battlers and pensioners that Senator Hanson says she cares about?


Queensland pensioners are doing it tough, and rely on these programs for vital support in things ranging from paying their electricity bill to paying for new training so they can re-enter the workforce.


Once again, Senator Hanson and One Nation have revealed themselves as the worst kind of politicians – total frauds. They say one thing back home in Queensland, and then do the exact opposite in Canberra.


Every day, Senator Hanson lies to the battlers of Queensland, telling them she stands up for them.


It’s no surprise she’s trying to curry favour in Canberra with the Government when she’s neck deep in preference deals with the Qld LNP.


As a Queenslander, I’m tired of seeing her lying to people who are doing it tough, telling them she’s standing up for them and then voting to sell them out.


Soon, people are going to start seeing Hanson for what she is – a career politician and a failed LNP candidate, who doesn’t care about lying to stay in power.


The Labor Party is the only party with a proven track record of standing up to battlers.