Hansard shows Landry silent on casualisation.

Hansard shows Landry silent on casualisation. Main Image

Today in the Morning Bulletin, Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry claimed that she has been “taking up the fight” against casualisation since she’s been elected.


Ms Landry said, “It’s something that I have discussed quite regularly down in Canberra and I have been very vocal against casualisation in the workforce.”


Could Michelle Landry please point out where she’s been taking up the fight? Because it certainly hasn’t been in Canberra.


Since Ms Landry was elected way back in 2013 she has spoken about casualisation in Parliament a grand total of two times.


I wouldn’t consider talking about something twice as “regular”.


In February last year, the last time she mentioned casualisation in Parliament, she said:

“This is an issue that I will certainly be talking more about in the future.”

And then never mentioned it again.

Clearly Ms Landry has been jolted into action by the LNP’s catastrophic showing in the State election, when they ran third or fourth across her electorate.

The record shows she doesn’t care about her constituents’ jobs - she is only talking now to protect her own job.

Now the LNP are talking a big game about fighting for Central Queensland, but really they’re just fighting for their own jobs.

No policies, just talk.

Unlike the LNP, Labor has been fighting against casualisation for years, standing on picket lines and talking to workers across Queensland.

We have proposed policies to crackdown on labour hire employers and in Government will change the definition of “casual” workers to stop exploitation.

Ms Landry hasn’t suddenly grown a conscience on this issue. She’s just trying to protect her own job.

Central Queensland deserves better than a local Member who cares more about protecting her own job than fighting for them.