George Christensen must pull support for Turnbull's biggest tax cut.

George Christensen must pull support for Turnbull's biggest tax cut. Main Image

New data from the Federal Parliamentary Library has revealed that the Turnbull Government’s $65 billion tax cut for big businesses will have little benefit for George Christensen’s electorate of Dawson.

The official figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, show that only six businesses based in Dawson will share in the LNP’s windfall for big business.

These figures put the lie to Christensen’s claim that the tax cut will deliver higher wages and more jobs locally.

Even Christensen has admitted that small business is the most important employer in his electorate, saying that “small business is the engine room of the Australian economy.”

There are over 11 800 small businesses in Dawson. But Malcolm Turnbull and George Christensen have decided to give a tax cut to just six big businesses instead.

There is nothing in these tax cuts for small business. In fact, if Mr Turnbull and Mr Christensen’s tax cut passes the Senate, local small businesses will face the same company tax rate as big business from interstate.

George Christensen must come out today and withdraw his support for Mr Turnbull’s gift to big business.

It is not good enough that only six local businesses will benefit, especially since the tax cut is being funded by cuts to local schools, hospitals, training and universities.

We already know that hardly any of the benefits of this tax cut for big business will trickle down to households. And now we know that it won’t trickle down to local business either!

How can George Christensen continue to back a tax cut for the big banks after the disgraceful revelations at the banking royal commission? Whose side is he on?

Malcolm Turnbull and his yes-man in regional Queensland George Christensen have been caught out. These new figures are just more proof that this tax cut will not help regional Queenslanders.

George Christensen would rather back in Malcolm Turnbull and Canberra than actually stand up for the people in regional Queensland who need it the most.

First they backed in cuts to penalty rates.

Then they backed in cuts to our schools, hospitals, universities and apprenticeships.

And now they’re backing in cuts to big businesses, which will mean less money for our local services.

Once again, George Christensen has decided to put Malcolm Turnbull and Canberra over their community. They would rather fight for big business than stand up for regional Queensland.

It’s about time that Dawson had a local member that wasn’t afraid to put our local community first.